Afternoon All,

“Team Endeavour” the race horse kindly named after our charity by our good friends at Deva Racing is progressing nicely and is probably a little further forward than what we first imagined !

When Deva Racing first purchased him they thought he would be ready for his racecourse debut around about the middle of the flat season.

The reason being, he is quite a tall colt and the pedigree on his dam side is primarily that of middle distance horses.

Generally, middle distance horses are a little slower maturing than those that are bred for sprinting.

However, he is currently taking his work very well and is doing the same amount of work as the two year olds that are bred to be more precious. This is great to hear and there is every chance that this is due to his natural ability pulling him through and makes for very exciting times ahead !

We have added a very short video of him having a canter for you to watch – he is the dark horse and the rider is in the blue coat.

We will keep you updated on his progress and upload some more footage for you very soon – keep watching this space !