Travel is a challenge in 2022

Kilimanjaro holds a special place in Team Endeavours heart, being the charities birthplace, as the patrons stood on the top of Africa so many years ago. For some time, we’ve been planning to go back with fresh legs and a team of supporters that have really become part of the Team  Endeavour family.

On 6th June 2022

Martn and Mike Smith, Shareen Al Qureshi and Lorne Robertson embarked on a lifechanging challenge to take on Kilimanjaro in aid of Team Endeavour.


After an epic 40 hours travel the climbers arrived in Tanzania a day late, due to an initial delay in take off from Heathrow. After an overnight hotel stay in Doha and another 7 hours waiting in Dar Es Salam, the team made it to Kilimanjaro International Airport at 06.30 on the 7th June and started the actual route up the Mountain at 10.30 on the 8th.




And the Expedition Begins

8th June 2022

Day 1: Nale Muru – Simba Camp

 After a safety briefing from Sam Marshall, the expedition leader, about the potential of stampeding elephants…
The adventure beings with the drive through villages and coffee plantations to the remarkable wooden village of Nale Moru. On the northeast side of the mountain where the Team Endeavour climbers meet the expedition porters.

The first part of the trail leads through moist rainforest, which quickly becomes lighter on the dry north side. Soon you will reach the heather zone. Overnight in the First Cave Camp (Simba Camp) in the tent at about 9,300 ft altitude. Simba Camp is located close to First Cave, with a magnificent view out over the plains of Kenya.

Good luck Team!

Towards the jagged peaks of Mawenzi.

9th June 2022

Day 2: Simba Camp – Second Cave

The first night camping in the mountain and the team are in good spirits, despite some disturbed sleep due to getting used to sleeping in tents and the sounds of the night. Breakfast was eaten at just after 8am local time ( 2 hours in front of UK time) and the camp packed up. The weather has been overcast and a little damp but some breaks in the cloud promise to brighten the days route along the Rongai trail.

Today’s stage began in the morning with a steady climb up to Second Cave. The route takes in a long stretch of heath, distinguished by heather, wild flowers and stony paths. As you walk, you can enjoy the view of Kibo and the east-facing glaciers on the crater rim. In the afternoon the team left the main trail and continued along a narrower path towards the jagged peaks of Mawenzi. They finally reach ‘Second Cave’, which is located in a sheltered valley close to Kikelewa Caves and surrounded by giant senecio plants.


Out of communication range at the halfway point

10th June 2022

Day 3: Second Cave – Third Cave

No communication with the team is now available due to altitude but weather reports confirm a higher cloud base today with a hood degree of cover from the sun. The temperature on the mountain at their current height is lower than the 27 degrees at ground level, and is stated as 21-23 degrees so, a comfortable day.

Today has been set aside for acclimatization, to improve the team’s chances of reaching the summit, and reduce the risk of them suffering the effects of altitude sickness.

Third Cave Camp is their destination for the camp tonight and sits at 3930 metres, on the north eastern side of the mountain along a border of two climatic zones. Moreland on the lower slopes and alpine desert on the upper.

The highs and lows of the day

11th June 2022

Day 4: Third Cave to School Hut

The difficulty of climbing Kilimanjaro can be underestimated but with a success rate of just over 60% it is a very real challenge. Regrettably one of the Team Endeavour team has had to be brought down from the mountain after four days of climbing due to altitude sickness. He is ok and is recovery at the base camp.

The hike today is steep as the team go from 3,800 to 4,800m roughly. Walking pas Mawenzi, the second highest peak of Kilimanjaro, at 5,149m. Mawenzi is reputed to be dangerous to climb because of its hardened lava which is rather shattered and its steep gradients.

By reaching School Hut the team will have conquered some tough terrain and gained a huge amount of altitude as they try and bed down for a few hours before the big push to the summit.

Summit day is dawning

12th June 2022

Day 5: Gilman’s Point – Uhuru Peak

As you read this the Team Endeavour climbers will have been woken up around midnight, with just a little time for a light meal before setting off into the night. The terrain is tricky, littered with loose stones and is the most challenging part of the ascent. The objective was to reach Gilman’s Point at dawn, so they can make it to Uhuru Peak– the highest point on Kibo – shortly after sunrise.

That’s right,  today the Team Endeavour climbers are were officially the tallest people in Africa!​

After summiting, the altitude dictated that the team could only bask in the rays of a new day and their acheivements for a short time before starting their decent to Horombo Camp.